2020-07-10 Table Topic Master

1 DONE <2020-07-10 Fri> [4/4] Table topic master

1.1 DONE Topic: Brave the Winds and Waves

1.2 DONE [6/6] prepare 10 questions according to the topic

  1. [X] As we know, the TV show Older Sisters Who Brave the Winds and Waves is really popular these days. So I prepared a special section that I will invite 3 challengers to take part in this show, and introduce your special skills to battle with each other. each challenger has 2 minutes to show yourself. After the battle, I will choose 1 referee to choose your favorite challenger and tell us why?
  2. [X] When you are 60 years old, how can you become a square dancing king/queen?
  3. [X] If you attended this college entrance examination, and the title of essay question is brave the winds and waves, how will you tell your story?
  4. [X] Use "I sailed a boat in the storm, while winds tearing and waves beating…" as beginning and tell the following part of this story.
  5. [X] There is also a film named Brave the Winds and Waves, and the main characters are car racer, programmer and businessman. If you are the one, which character do you want to choose?
  6. [X] Go into battle with a light pack. What do you want to throw away if you want to go faster?

1.3 DONE Make a PPT

1.4 DONE opening draft

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am today's table topic master Cycoe. Today, our topic is Brave winds and waves. I think this will be an interesting topic because of the TV show Elder sisters who brave winds and waves. In table topic section, I will invite several volunteers to the stage, choose a question and deliver a speech in 90 seconds. But today, we also have a special sub-section involving 4 challengers. That means, in these 9 questions, 5 questions are the ordinary question, and the left 4 ones will trigger the special sub-section, more interesting and challenge. So, let's begin, have a good luck.

A5输液管20000 A5输液管20000
B5担架1000 B5担架2000
B5止血钳15000 B5止血钳15000
import re

def parse(__data):
    pattern = re.compile(r"[A-Z]\d+(\D+)(\d+)", re.S)
    items = {}

    for item in __data:
        match = re.match(pattern, item)
        if match:
                items[] = int(
            except Exception as e:
                print("match result is: ", match)

    return items

if __name__ == '__main__':
    item_a = parse([row[0] for row in data])
    item_b = parse([row[1] for row in data])
    print("Items in set(A):", item_a)
    print("Items in set(B):", item_b)
    print("Items in set(A) is {}equal to items in set(B).".format(
        "" if item_a == item_b else "not "
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