Construct Dwarf Fortress Lazy Newbee Package in ArchLinux

1 Included With This Package

DwarfFortress-LNP 也就是我们常说的懒人包,由游戏本体、工具包和图形包组成。在 archlinux 上,我们无法通过 aur 简单地安装懒人包,因此我们需要分别安装懒人包中的 各个部分来达到同样的效果。


2 Utilities

2.1 DFHack Linux V0.44.09-r1 (gcc 5.4.0)

DfHack is an attempt to unite the various ways hack tools access DF memory and allow for easier development of new tools (and of course, make the game more enjoyable for players).

In archlinux, we can get DfHack by install it with yay:

yay -S dfhack-twbt-bin

As we can see, we installed a DfHack version integrated with TWBT. That means we don't need to install TWBT again. What's more, package dfhack-twbt-bin depends on the package dwarffortress in community repository.

But as default, the PKGBIULD file of dfhack-twbt-bin will download the dfhack binary compiled with gcc-4.8, which provide an out-of-date version of remotefortressreader plugin. To avoid this, you can command the PKGBIULD to download dfhack compiled with gcc-7. To get this magic as below, edit PKGBIULD with editor:

         # 'e200a6225dcf285e2eac19c1d1e118ea'

Then run makepkg to download lacking files.

2.2 TWBT 6.41

This plugin improves various aspects the game interface.

Originally I wrote a small plugin because I was tired seeing coffins instead of zeroes and all that stuff. It has greately evolved since then. Some functions may not work or have issues in Adventurer Mode. See readme for all details.

  1. Main function is to use separate fonts (tilesets) for map tiles and for text. Text and map font may also have different sizes. Map tiles can have any size, no requirement to have at least 80x25 grid anymore.
  2. Multi-level rendering.
  3. Allows to override tile numbers for buildings, items and various tile types.
  4. mapshot command saves image of the entire map in full size.
  5. "Multilayered" rendering where floor is visible behind buildings and items. (see here for details)
  6. Tiles can have parts that will and parts that will not be affected by material colour. (see here for details)
  7. "Multilayered" rendering for units too. (see here for details)
  8. An option to hide stockpiles (background, not items of course) unless in [q], [p] and [k] modes. (see here for details)

To make a long story short, TWBT can greately improve the graphics.

2.3 Dwarf Therapist v39.3.1 (compiled with qt5.5.1)

Another life-change utility, as it can access memory when df is running, then you can manage then labor of dwarves with it. (Conflict with auto-labor in DfHack)

You can install it with yay -S dwarftherapist-git. It's a GUI program written with Qt. Open it after you opened a map in df, then you can see the labor informations organized in table.

2.4 Soundsense r2016-1

Sound package for df that can be installed with yay -S soundsense. It provide sounds by parsing event changes in ~/.dwarffortress/gamelog.txt.

2.5 SoundCenSe GTK 1.4.2 (Requires Mono, go HERE for install instructions)

Maybe a fork of Soundsense written by c# and GTK2, by I never run successfully.

2.6 qfconvert 2.04 (See ./LNP/about/ for usage instructions)

Quickfort 2 is a utility for Dwarf Fortress that helps you build fortresses from "blueprint" .CSV, .XLS, and .XLSX files.

2.7 DF Announcement Filter 1.01 (Requires Java)

This utility gives you a live feed of announcements without having to pause the game to check the announcement page. It's configurable, allowing you to only see the announcements you're actually interested in, and you can also have combat announcements show up in the feed rather than checking the reports screen.

2.8 Legends Browser 1.17.1 (Requires Java 8)

Legends Browser is an multi-platform, open source, java-based legends viewer for dwarf fortress 0.44. You can read about the legends and stories in browser interactively. You can download the latest release version in this page, then run it with java -jar legendsbrowser-1.17.1.jar. Before that, you should export a xml file in legend mode.

2.9 Armok Vision 0.19.1

A 3d realtime visualizer for Dwarf Fortress rendering with unity, similar with stonesense, but can run independent with df.

3 Graphics

I prefer the Spacefox graphics pack. This is a fork with installation script.

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