Campus Toast Master Club Meeting

1 Campus Toast Master Club Meeting

This file records my preparation before the regular meeting and my performance during the meeting.

1.1 DONE <2019-11-16 Sat> [2/2] Ice Break Speech

Introduce myself within 6-7 wins. Attachment is ppt

1.1.1 DONE [5/5] processing DONE Determined a theme (a point)
  • Topic: When I meet with Open Source. Tell a story between Open Source and I.
  • Purpose: Make a deep impression with me and Open Source. DONE Generate a general structure (TOC)
  • Meet with Open Source (Ubuntu)
    • fearness
    • don't know how to use it, feel helpless
  • Attempt to search information on the Internet, try using it.
    • Bing and Google is a good searching tool
    • Reading wiki and manual became normal
  • feel free to use it as a daily-use system, and can modify the source code to make it more suitable for me.
    • When you feel something is difficult, that's because you don't use it enough.
    • First contact to GitHub, a international programmer community.
  • Interested in write my own software.
    • Some small tools.
    • Dynamic window manager. DONE Fill up each part DONE Check logic and Completeness DONE Practice to fluently speech

1.1.2 DONE draft

Good evening Campus members and guests, my name is Cycoe. It is the 4th time for me to participate in Campus Meeting. I think you all know my hometown, my hobbies and etc. So today, I will share the story between Open Source and me.

The first Open Source software I contacted is GNU/Linux, and Ubuntu is the first Linux distribution I have used. When I heard that my mobile phone can flash Ubuntu, I began to search more information about this system. After I read the introduction of the system, I thought Wow it's cool, it's so different from Android and Windows. So I installed it on my laptop without any troubles. True, installation was easy, but use was so difficult. There was no Wechat, no QQ, no LOL, however I wanted to play games! Worst of all, I didn't even know how to get software. At that point, I felt helpless.

Luckily, I had a Firefox default installed. Now that I couldn't switch back to Windows, I would search some guides for use, and had a try. At that time, I used Baidu searching engine. But as you know, Baidu puts many ads before the useful items, so that I had to pick out the useful one in millions of items. Gradually I knew how to fetch software packages from official and third-part repositories[rɪˈpɒzətri], and how to use simple commands like `sed`, `awk` and `find`, to deal with some simple tasks. Reading wiki and manuals is the most useful and reliable way to figure out the functions and usages of software, but reading manual is so painful.

With being skilled in installing Linux and software under Linux platform, I read more and more articles like The best Music Player under Linux, Top 10 Linux Software and so on. I realized that there are also many good-designed software under Linux, so I could do the same thing under Linux as under Windows with the different software. The best website to discover good software is GitHub, as known as the largest programmer dating site in the world. Here, you can see what the other programmers are coding, and what projects are in trend[trend]. When I met problem, I would turn to GitHub for help. Then I would find an almost out-of-box solution just needs several configurations. That moment, I tasted the power of Open Source. All your demands may have been realized by pioneers[ˌpaɪəˈnɪəz]. I use FireFox to surf the Internet, use GIMP to modify my photos, use Blender to build models, and use GPodder to listen to podcasts.

Open source doesn't just mean getting code for free, but also sharing, cooperating and communicating with others. After the stage When I downloaded others' source code and did some modifications, I began to write my own tools. On the one hand I could satisfy my own needs, on the other hand I could share it to others. Sharing always makes me happy. In order to monitor the remain amount of lectures in our educational administration system, I wrote a tool to notify me when new lectures were released. Sometimes I was not satisfied with the existing desktop environment, so I switched to the Open Source Dynamic Window Manager, and did many enhancements on the source code to cater to my taste, like adding a function to switch position of windows, or change the default behavior of windows.

So, this is the story between Open Source and me, I feel lucky to hug with Open Source, and share the story to you.

Thank you!

1.2 DONE <2019-11-23 Sat> [3/3] Chinese speech contest

1.2.1 DONE 题目


1.2.2 DONE 主旨与架构

  1. 客观讲述双十一从光棍节到购物狂欢的转变,以及其代表的含义
  2. 自己对于这种转变的认识
  3. 分享与之相关的趣事

1.2.3 DONE 演讲稿 开场:调动气氛

虽然一年一度的双十一刚刚过去,但是你们一定还对爆舱的快递印象深刻,一定 记得等待快递的那种焦急。可能你的上一个快递刚刚拿到手还没捂热,你就收到 了下一个快递的短信。那一刻,你望着长长的队伍,心想:快递小哥要是我男朋 友该多好。括弧,此条男生同样适用。 讲述转变

众所周知,双十一是我国传统的光棍节,(咳),众所周知,双十一是我国传统 的购物狂欢节。在我还在上初中的时候,当时的校园里由于受到葬爱家族文化和 狂少家族文化的共同薰陶,同学们都开始流行过光棍节。一到每年的 11 月 11 号,就会有同学问我说:“你脱单了没?”那一刻,我感受到了灵魂的拷问,感 到无助且悲伤,甚至有些羞愧地低下了头。“脱单,脱单,说的轻松,我要是脱 了单现在你还能在这看见我?”好在马云爸爸弄了这么个购物狂欢节,让双十一 这天变得和谐了许多。现在一到双十一,别人都是问我,你下单了没? 光棍节与购物狂欢节

不知道你们有没有想过,为什么双十一这天被定为了淘宝的购物狂欢节?有人可 能会说,是因为年底货卖不完了,商家想要通过这种方式把存货甩卖出去。也有 人可能会想,双十一双十一,情侣都出去过节了,马云爸爸是想给我们单身狗留 一片净土啊。脱单是不可能脱单的,只能逛逛淘宝,买买东西,勉强维持生活这 样子,不是很贴心吗?但现实总是残酷的,情侣们晚上出去吃完大餐,看完电影, 零点还要准时参加抢购大军。作为单身狗,双拳难敌别人四手你说气不气?看来 双十一不论是光棍节还是购物狂欢节,都对单身狗充满了恶意。所以这个世界, 还是需要给单身狗更多的温暖。 脱单还是购物

一到每年的双十一这天,脱单和购物就成了我人生的两件头等大事。是“先脱单 还是先购物”就成了与“是先有鸡还是先有蛋”同等重要的哲学问题,时刻萦绕 在我的心头。为此,我还特意请教了相关有经验人士。

脱单派人士认为,脱单乃精神层面的提升,而购物只是物质层面的拥有。没有谈 过恋爱的男生只会去买那种“让女生感动到哭的 5 种礼物”,脱过单的男生能 够分得清枫叶红、豆沙红、番茄红、铁锈红,分得清霜、水、乳、粉底、眼影、 腮红、高光,脱过单的女生能够分得清红轴、茶轴、黑轴、青轴,薄膜、机械、 电容,买起东西来更是如有神助。

购物派人士则认为,一年那么多节日哪天不可以脱单?不说情人节、七夕节,甚 至连春节、元宵节、端午节、中秋节都被过成了情侣秀恩爱的节日。对象嘛随时 都可以找,双十一优惠一年一次错过可就是真错过咯。

那有没有能够脱单购物两不误的成功人士呢?当然有,比如说我。我的女朋友邱 大帅,是个勤俭持家的好姑娘。前几天双十一,她拿着刀大喊着要剁手,我赶紧 安慰她说:“亲爱的,钱没了可以再挣,手没了可就真没了,你放心买我掏 钱!”说到这,她才满意地把刀从我手上拿开。 结尾:

从古至今,一年当中有太多的日子被我们赋予了各种各样的意义。双十一这天脱 不脱单其实不是那么重要,买不买东西其实也不重要,重要的是与你爱的人和爱 你的人共同度过。想到这,我关上了淘宝,踏上了回家的旅程。

1.3 DONE <2019-12-14 Sat> [2/2] Candy master

1.3.1 DONE Joke

long ago, there was a dark cave in the pitchwood forest, and the kingdom of bats settled in the cave. One day, the old king of bat died. So, bats had to voted for a new king. They decided to hold a contest to choose the cruelest bat as thier new king.

Contest began, the first bat flew out and came back after 15 minutes. "Do you see the cows on the grass?" The bat asked. All audiences answered, "Yes!" "I have sucked up a crowd of cows." "Wow! You're cruel [\textprimstress kru\textlengthmark \textschwa l]!"

Then it's the second bat's turn. The bat flew out and came back in 5 minutes with blood on his mouth. "Do you see the people in the village?" The competitor asked. "Yes, I can!" All audiences said. "I have sucked up a village of people." "Wow! You're so fierce [f\i\textschwa s]!"

Then it turned to the last competitor. The last bat flew out and came back just in 1 minute with the whole face covered by blood. "He must be the new king!" All bats whispered to each other. "Can you see the huge rock out of the cave?" "Yes, I can!" All bats were ready to congratulate the new king. The new king said, "But I didn't."

1.3.2 DONE Questions Question about joke
  • What animal did the first bat attack? (cow) For guests only
  • Who is the Toast Master today? (Watson)
  • What is the spirit of Toast Master Club? (Passion, Profession, Sharing and Growth)
  • Which time is this Toast Master regular meeting? (266th) For all members
  • Four tabus in Toast Master Club? (Policy, Sex, Race and Religion)
  • How many pathways in our pathway system? (11)
  • What is the number of our Campus Toast Master Club? (1596973)
  • How many levels in our pathway system? (5)

1.4 DONE <2019-12-21 Sat> [5/5] Table topic master

1.4.1 DONE Topic: Different walks of life (各行各业)

1.4.2 DONE [2/2] processing DONE discusss the topic with TM DONE [9/9] prepare 10 questions according to the topic
  1. [X] Talk about your dream job
  2. [X] Image it that you were a famous singer, how about your daily life?
  3. [X] If you didn't need to take earning a living into account, which job would you engage in?
  4. [X] Every profession produces its own topmost master. As a master/doctor of your current majority, how can you become a topmost master in your field?
  5. [X] What kind of jobs do you want your spouse doing when you get married?
  6. [X] Suppose a travel agency provided you with a post of tour guide. What would you do for being a qualified guide?
  7. [X] In 2050, people will do different jobs from those they do now. So talk about your imagination of jobs in the future.
  8. [X] After you have a child, how do you explain the importance of different walks of life?
  9. [X] One job in a lifetime or doing sort of jobs, which on do you prefer?

1.4.3 DONE opening draft

Good evening members! Today, I am the table topic master, Cycoe. In this meeting, our topic is Diffrent walks of life. According to the topic, I prepared several questions, easy or a little difficult. In this section, I will invite some members to the stage and choose a question to deliver a improvised speech. For each challenger, you will have 2 minutes totally to organize and express. These figures don't stand for the content, and nor are arranged by difficulty.

Let's begin! So, who want to be the 1st.

1.4.4 DONE pre-draft of questions

1.4.5 DONE post-draft of questions

1.5 DONE <2019-12-28 Sat> [2/2] Campaign for VPPR

1.5.1 DONE Introduce the functions of VPPR

Good evening, club members and guests! I'm the candidate of VPPR, Cycoe. As you know, VPPR denotes Vice President Public Relations, committed to introduce the existence and benefits of the club to the local community and media. And spread the influence through Internet, meanwhile, protect the club image.

1.5.2 DONE My advantages to take the role of VPPR

These several sentences described the overall figure of the VPPR role. After reading this description, I began to think about, what are my advantages to take the VPPR role? Maybe, I benefit from my interest of design and my enthusiasm to our club. In other words, I'm long for the skills of many design toolkits. Wherever along the way, I have got some experience of photo editing, poster designing and blackboard handwriting. Then I have enough enthusiasm to serve our club with my skills. If there is a chance that I can take the role of VPPR, I will try my best in the regular meeting, and convey the spirits to the community.

1.6 DONE <2020-02-22 Sat> [2/2] Speech

1.6.1 DONE Topic

Everything flows

1.6.2 DONE Draft

The ancient Greek philosopher[哲学家] Heraclitus, the pioneer of Epistemology[认 识论], said that, Panta Rhei. It means everything flows. There is an equivalent expression, No man ever steps in the same river twice, and the mountain you see now is different from that you saw yesterday. It sounds a little trick that you can say, the mountain is just in the different time-space. But I can tell you that, in physical aspect, the mountain exactly changed. Today, I will introduce you to rheology[流变学].

Rheology is an interesting subject, and it was founded in 1920s, while scholars found that classical elasticity[弹性], plasticity[塑性] and fluid theory could not describe the complicated properties of rubber, plastics and rocks. Earlier, English physicists Maxwell and Kelvin had discovered the tight connection between materials and time.

There are two typical patterns that materials perform when they are effected by external forces. The first one is elasticity, like rubber bands. Rubber bands will store the energy when you stretch it, and recover after forces offloading. The second one is plasticity,like water.Water will transform the work into internal energy. If you pour a basin of water on the ground,it will never reshape into a basin again. All these things are obvious, but do you think about whether it must be absolute.Answer is No. elastics can perform plasticity, and plastics can also perform elasticity.It depends on the time scale in which you obverse. With enough long time ,materials will mainly perform plasticity, and with short time they will mainly perform elasticity. An excellent example , glass is a so-called super-cooling liquid[过冷液体] instead of a simple solid. If you obverse the transformation of glass over a century-wide scale, you could see the glass flows like the honey.

What does it mean? It means that it's almost meaningless to define the world with a static snapshot. World performs different ways with different time scales and spatial scales. Macrobian[长寿者] living over thousands of years go through a different world from that short-life devils dying in an instant do. We are human beings, we experience an unique world.

1.7 DONE <2020-02-29 Sat> Grammarian

Practical Practical.png

1.8 DONE <2020-03-07 Sat> Prepared Speech Evaluator

1.9 DONE <2020-03-14 Sat> Ah-counter

1.9.1 DONE Records

Name Ah Um Er And Well But So Like Repeats Other Total
Lucy 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Watson 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Amy 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 8 0 11
Rob 0 8 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 14
Grace 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
Alisa 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 7
Michael 0 3 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10
Rita 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 8
Rubby 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6

# 自动将表头设为图例
set key autotitle columnhead left
set style fill solid 1 border lt -1
set style data histograms
set style histogram rowstacked
set xtics font '-Bold'

# 将第一列设为 x 轴标签
plot for [i=2:11] data using (column(i)):xticlabels(1)

1.10 DONE <2020-03-21 Sat> [6/6] Table topic master

1.10.1 DONE Topic: When not studying

1.10.2 DONE [3/3] processing DONE discusss the topic with TM DONE [9/9] prepare 10 questions according to the topic
  • [X] What activity do you prefer when you are too tired to studying?
  • [X] Corona Virus outbreak has caused a vacation extension. So how do you arrange your studying time if there is another month stay at home?
  • [X] In the last past month, how did you arrange your time for studying?
  • [X] A skill that can make you happy versus a skill that can make more money, which one do you prefer?
  • [X] Share an experience that you solved a daily-life problem with the knowledge of your major.
  • [X] If a girl strike up a conversation (搭讪) with you when you are in studying in library, how will things go on?
  • [X] Share your experience about how to loaf on your work (摸鱼) in laboratory.
  • [X] When you were struggling in writing paper, some situation knocked in. You said, I'd rather write my paper. So, imagine what situation happened.
  • [X] After experience a long term of study/work at home, how can you combine studying with your daily life? Or separate studying from daily life? DONE Make a PPT

1.10.3 DONE opening draft

Good evening members! Today, I am the table topic master, Cycoe. In this meeting, our topic is When NOT Studying. According to the topic, I prepared several questions, easy or a little difficult. In this section, I will invite some volunteers to the stage and choose a question to deliver a improvised speech. For each challenger, you will have 2 minutes totally to organize and express. These figures don't stand for the content, and nor are arranged by difficulty.

Let's begin! So, who want to be the 1st.

1.10.4 DONE pre-draft of questions

1.10.5 DONE post-draft of questions

1.10.6 DONE Order records

Order Player Name Question No.
1 Nate 3
2 Lucy 5
3 阿华 7
4 Amy 4
5 Alisa 2
6 Kobe 9
7 Rita 1
8 Jocelyn 8
9 Grace 6

1.11 DONE <2020-04-01 Wed> [3/3] 准备九周年活动

1.11.1 DONE 准备海报


  • [X] 九周年应有数字九
  • [X] Campus 俱乐部名字
  • [X] 最好突出我们是英语俱乐部
  • [ ] 突出演讲这个主要形式
  • [X] 突出我们是一个大家庭


1.11.2 DONE 与海报配套的邀请函


如果可以的话直接做成 HTML 的形式嵌入到邮件中,不行的话的做成图片的形式。

Amy 已经做好了邀请函,并且我已经将邀请邮件发出去了,邮件中嵌入了邀请函图片与海报。

1.11.3 DONE 帮助 Shirley 完成视频制作


1.12 DONE <2020-04-04 Sat> [3/3] Grammarian

1.12.1 DONE determine a word


1.12.2 DONE search about the meaning and usages

render-1.png render-2.png

Good evening, Campus members and guests! I'm today's grammarian Cycoe! I will introduce the keyword of today, render. Render is a verb that I have only seen it in some books about computer technology, where it means "渲染". So I was interested in the original meaning of it. The first meaning is to cause someone or something to be in a particular state, like "His rudeness rendered me speechless." The second meaning is to change words into a different language or form, so it is a synonym of translate. She is rendering the book into English from French. The third meaning is to give something such as a service, a personal opinion or expression, or a performance of a song or poem, etc. to people. In computer or graphics, it extends this meaning to "present". "MatLab renders the graph of the PID control system" and "The graphics Processing Unit renders the game images." So I wish you could use it as more as possible.

1.12.3 DONE Records Julie


  • I want to say something (about) myself: lost about
  • your current favorite (a) book: use Article word with possessive pronounce
  • for herself(her own) Bella

Good usages

  • someone is warm heated
  • go through a tough life
  • despite of many difficulties Amy

Good Usages

  • Unforgettable regular meeting


  • use the book to (be)gain a useful skill Crazy

Good Usages

  • rendered me motivated
  • deliver my expressions Lucy

Good Usages

  • It depends on who we are, and where we are
  • make good use of time Jocelyn

Good Usages

  • rendered me (): I forget the word == Watson

Good Usages

  • expect our outing


  • she(her) has been asked
  • more detailed(detail) store

1.13 DONE <2020-04-11 Sat> [1/1] Table topic evaluator

1.13.1 DONE Records TTM - Laben
  • Good Topic. Before this meeting, I thought maybe it is like the topic "phone addiction", finally, I found it's interesting topic
  • good ppt design
  • debug your ppt before meeting Kobe

bilibili Kobe is really smart, that you extend this topic to his favorite app to bilibili, and then describe his childhood about cartoons Leon

If you are a foreigner in China, the most useful app is Baidu. Because Baidu is a search engine. When Leon found that there was also some time, Leon also introduced Wechat. I think if you could follow the thinking that a day of life in China, It will be more logical, It's a personal suggestion. Amy
  • write my name, then write my reason, and you complain your reason why you followed this format with the situation that others add you, and you skip the second part of question. Rob

I think Rob always have some different thoughts, the storage of your phone is used out, you will clean some apps.

  • you could introduce an app that you think is useful and an app that you think that can be replaced. Nate

Nate extended the topic to If nessesary, which app would I uninstall. I think This question is a little difficult for Nate.

  • Question is a not that suitable, because it is not just about the favor, also something about copyright. Rubby

Rubby is very logical that you separate this question into several parts, chat, work

  • you could throw out your opinion first, the talk about the specific situations. Julie

Julie is really like the people that is pure and innocent. Julie use an example that her friend use a cute profile.

1.14 DONE <2020-04-25 Sat> [3/3] Toast Master

1.14.1 DONE 明确 TM 职责与前期需要做的准备工作

  • [X] 在头马助手上學習角色的職責 TM 职责在此处可查看
  • [X] 与 Watson 请教 TM 的職責
  • [X] 製作投票二维码
  • [X] 製作奖状
  • [X] 制作 Agenda

1.14.2 DONE 确定主题

Future World

:Effort: 1h

1.14.3 DONE 准备开场白与串场 Opening speech and Introducing meeting roles - 3 min

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to this wonderful meeting! And also welcome our guests! I wonder if you have watched the movie, The Matrix? The background of our post for this meeting, is from this movie. The green letters flowing down stand for the AI named matrix. These day, I reviewed these movies and is shocked by the creativity of them. In 1999, 43 years after the first time that Artificial Intelligence was introduced, people could make these fantastic ideas. So today, let's fly our magical ideas, and have a good evening.

Back to the point, let's welcome our general evaluator Grace and her professional evaluation team. Welcome, Grace! Introduce Candymaster - 1 min

OK, thanks our evaluation team. This section is candy section, let's welcome our Shirley and expect her interesting speech. Introduce the 1st. speaker - 1 min

Thanks for our Shirley and her sharing. Next section is prepared speech section. Let's welcome our first speaker, Jocelyn. Jocelyn, Th future world, the future world, Jocelyn. Thanks for the 1st. speaker - 1 min

Thanks for Jocelyn's speech, now we have 1min silence to write down the feels to this speech. You can send the private message to Jocelyn directly. 10 min Break

Now we have a 10 minute break. We will take a photo by screenshot. Focus on the meeting - 1min

Everybody, Let's begin the second half. The next section is the most exciting Table Topic Section. Let's welcome our Table Topic Master, Lucy. Welcome, Lucy! Invite TTs Evaluator to evaluate

Thanks for Lucy and her table topic section, next let's welcome our table topic evaluator, Amy. Vote & Count the results

OK, all our roles have finished their missions. Now, let's scan the qrcode that I sent in our wechat group, and vote for your best speaker, best evaluator and best function role. When count the vote

Now, We need time to count the vote, who want to say something about our topic or our speakers can speak offhand.

Yesterday in your Wechat group, Watson and I talked about the movie The Terminator and The Matrix. These two movie has something similar in their conception. They all talked about the over-controlled AI controlled the world. In Terminator is skynet and in Matrix is Matrix. They all mentioned the villains [ˈvɪlən], in Terminator is terminator and in matrix is the agents. So they all rang the alarm for us that AI may be over-controlled and the may control us. In 1997, IBM developed a AI named Deep Blue that won the champion of cheese match. These days, we almost cannot leave the AI. When you search the Internet, AI gives you the most accurate answers. When you use digital map to navigate, AI help you to find the shortest route. When you browse the Sina Blog, is also AI pushing your favorite news to you. AI do many things for us, so we can really expect the future world where AI will be more powerful. Run off the meeting & Present Awards

Now is the most exciting section, we will present awards to our bests. Let's see who is the best speaker. xxx, congratulations, xxx!


1.14.5 Feedback

  • 作爲整個會議的主人,需要更多的激情
  • 開頭介紹時間太短,可以繼續發揮

1.15 DONE <2020-05-16 Sat> Ah Counter

1.15.1 DONE Records

Name modal particles And Well But Repeats Other Total
Grace 0 1 0 0 2 0 3
Alisa 5 0 0 0 4 0 9
Watson 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Kobe 2 0 0 0 5 0 7
Lucy 1 1 0 0 0 0 2
Amy 6 0 0 0 11 0 17
Jocelyn 4 0 0 0 8 0 12
Shirley 2 0 0 0 9 0 11
Nate 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
He 6 0 0 0 0 0 6
set term pngcairo size 1600, 1200 font ',32'

# Set the first line as headers
set key autotitle columnhead tmargin center box horizontal
set style fill solid 1 border lt -1
set style data histograms
set style histogram rowstacked
set xtics font '-Bold' rotate by -30 offset -2,0
set grid

# Set the first column as x axis ticks labels
plot for [i=2:7] data using (column(i)):xticlabels(1)
2020-05-16-ah-counting.png Shirley

Maybe you are stressed or a little familiar to some difficult words

1.15.2 Feedback for me

1.16 DONE <2020-05-23 Sat> Grammarian

1.16.1 DONE determine a word


Figure 3: explicit

1.16.2 search about the meaning and usages

Good evening, Campus members and guests! I'm today's grammarian Cycoe! I will introduce the keyword of today, explicit! explicit is an adjective, and it means clear and exact. There are two common usages in our daily life. Someone is very explicit about something means someone says something very clearly and exactly. And make something explicit means state something clearly. The adverb of explicit is explicitly. When you are using computer, explicit means you should write down or do something exactly to let the computer know that you want something different from the default options. I hope you could use this word as more as possible in today's meeting. At some point after that, I will deliver a report about your grammar performance. Thank you, back to our general evaluator.

1.16.3 Records Watson


  • … so that … Grace


  • it is only lasted for one day
  • Li Keqiang deliver (delivered) the government work report
  • There have (are) some differences


  • two sessions 两会 Julie


  • interesting video (videos)
  • some test (tests)
  • bring (bringing) your mind back


  • not only… but also Lucy


  • did (do) you really…


  • capture the face of you
  • all in all, …
  • get into your speech Leon


  • those who performance (performed) better than her
  • the (most) suitable one to do this job


  • employees and employers 雇佣者与雇员 Amy


  • some point (points)
  • whether I can don't go work (whether I don't have to work)


  • the style of the work Nate



  • occupy the position 担任职位 Kobe


  • responsible for (to) our employees
  • have a prepared (preparation) for the possibility Alisa


  • someone have (has) made
  • to (be) a bad person


  • find out more truth Jocelyn


  • like Alisa says (said)
  • she first tell (told) us
  • make your speech a little bit long (longer)


  • express their thoughts
  • persuade us not to do things like it (persuade us out of doing things like it) Laben


  • he need (needs) a person to do


  • you really want to apply this job, instead of …

1.17 DONE <2020-05-30 Sat> Candy Master

1.17.1 DONE Determine a context

When you surf the Internet…

1.17.2 DONE Keywords

Turing test
large capacity storages
magnetic tapes

1.17.3 DONE Draft Frame 1

Good evening guys, I am todays Candy Master Cycoe. Today my topic is when you surf the Internet. When you surf the Internet, you may meet some words confusing and maybe also interesting. So today I will intorduce some words that you may meet someday to you. Frame 2

When you surf the Internet, you must use a application named `browser` like Chrome, Edge or Firefox. `browse` this word origianlly means the cows and goats wander around and eat grass. So the word browser vividly describes the gesture where you surf the Internet. Frame 3

When you use the computer, you will always see these two words, cookie and cache. 点心 和 快取

Cookie in computer stands for a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Whether you notice it or not, almost websites just need login once, and the second time it will login automatically. It is the authentication cookies taking effect.

Cache is a technology or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. So when you use computer, 360 and 金山毒霸 always popup a window to tell you that (清除缓存来加速电脑). Here 清除 缓存 just means clean the cache. Good using of cache could boost your computer, sometimes clean the cache will even make your computer slower. Frame 4

When you are register or logging-in, something will popup like these, all them are called CAPTCHA, including 验证码, 滑块, 图像识别 and etc.

CAPTCHA is a contrived acronym of `completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart`, just as its name implies, it is designed for telling the difference between humans and computers, and refuses the actions made by robots. CAPTCHAs are very important to our private security. Without CAPTCHAs, hackers will access our passwords and personal information very easily. But there are also some funny CAPTCHAs like these. I think neither humans or robots could recognize it. Frame 5

When you download a file from website, maybe the postfix of it is zip, 7z or rar. we always call it an archive or a compressed package. Archive means you sort the files (文件) and put theme into the correct drawer, and extract has the opposite meaning that you take out a specific file from the archive. Compress means you decrease the size of a file by some approaches, and decompress has the opposite effect.

Nowadays we always mix using these two words, but in history, they have totally difference meaning. In history, there were no large capacity storages, so operator would backup data in the magnetic tapes like these. And then sorted the tapes on the bookshelves. This action is called `tape archive`, so in some modern system, the action that you put some files, images or videos into one file is called `archive`. And the action that you decrease the size of archive with some tools is called compress. Frame 6

Imagine your firefox browser was crashed and can never open again, so you described this problem in a forum. A guy asked you that you use a vanilla version or a customized version. What was he talking about? Actually, vanilla is a kind of flavoring and flower, and can be used to extract vanillin (香兰素). But in computer softwares, and sometimes also other computing-related systems, vanilla stands for those softwares that are not customized from their original form, meaning that they are used without any customizations or updates applied to them. So if he told you to use a vanilla version means that he told you to clean your personal modifications and have a new installation. Maybe this way can solve your problem.

1.17.4 DONE Feedback

  • Could have more interactions with audiences
  • Highlight the keywords to attract others' attention

1.18 DONE <2020-05-30 Sat> Prepared Speech Evaluator

1.18.1 Advantages

  • It's term of graduation, so I think your really chose a good topic and content for this occasion. And after this vocation, you will graduate from BUCT, and may not have chance to take part in us again. I think it's reluctant to say goodbye with you, and it's a sad thing.
  • I have to say I really like your pronunciation, and you also make progress from the first time you delivered a speech.
  • I am very happy to see your progress in your speech speed control. In my memory, you usually speak too fast for me to catch up with you, and same the last meeting. But this speech, I think you have a good control with your speed.

1.18.2 Need to improve

  • For content, I found that you expressed your topic by many imaginations, I think if you could give more examples about the experience will be better
  • Another little suggestion is that when you have a speech online, you could sit back a little and exposing the upper part of the body, also exposing your arms and hands will better. And then we could capture more gestures.

1.19 DONE <2020-06-06 Sat> Timer

1.19.1 Records Speeches
Sections Member Time Using Limit
Candy Section Kobe 6:00 5:00
Prepared Speech Watson 4:27 7:00
TT Section Shirley 32:28 30:00
TT Evaluation Amy 7:40 7:00
Evaluation for I Lucy 3:33 3:00 Table Topic Section
1 Kobe 2:17
2 Lucy 2:17
3 Nate 2:01
4 Grace 2:13
5 Judy 2:16
6 Watson 1:37
7 Leon 2:06
8 Jocelyn 1:47
9 Amy 2:17
10 Alisa 2:11
# set term pngcairo size 1600, 1200 font ',32'

# set style data histograms
set style fill pattern 2 border lt -1
set nokey
set grid
set xtics rotate by -30 offset -2,0
set ydata time
set timefmt "%M:%S"
set format y "%M:%S"
set yrange[0:]

plot data using 3:xticlabels(2) with histogram, 120 with line lc 'red'

1.20 DONE <2020-06-27 Sat> VPPR Work Report

1.20.1 DONE Prepare the report slides

说明自己在任职期间所做的工作,主要是完成了每一期的海报制作,可以做成除 PPT 其它 的形式

1.20.2 DONE Speech Draft

Good evening, club members and guests! I'm your VPPR, Cycoe. Today, I will give my work report of VPPR during the term of service.

Firstly, let me introduce the tasks and duties of VPPR. As you know, VPPR denotes Vice President Public Relations, committed to introduce the existence and benefits of the club to the local community and media. I think this is the minimum requirement in VPPRs' responsibilities, let others know the existence of our club and be willing to take part in. The higher requirement is that spread the influence through Internet, meanwhile, protect the club image, which can make the club better.

During my term of service, I made 17 posters for our regular meetings and also the anniversary activity. (Press) Before the regular meetings, I sent the posters and invitations into the guest wechat groups. (Press) After doing those, I harvested a good rating on the design of poster. Before made each poster, I had discussed the purpose of the topic with members to convey the topic meaning accurately. After I sent the invitations in the guest wechat group, we attracted some new guests into the meetings.

So, with this experience, I gained many things. Before I took the role of VPPR, I was utterly ignorant of design. But now, I gained many skills in poster design. As an official, I also built up connections with other clubs. But there are also some pities. When I campaigned for this role, I said that I wanted to establish our own website, but it haven't come true.

With this experience I think, maybe there are some pities, I also gained many skills and harvests from this term, which can help me go further. Thank you!

1.20.3 DONE 与 Rob 交接工作和材料

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